Plant Maintenance Mechanic – Class A – Plant Maintenance


Fredericksburg, PA


Plant Maintenance


Troubleshoot and repair complex machinery including hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical equipment.  Install new equipment and repair existing equipment.


  1. Troubleshoot to determine cause(s) of operating errors and determining course of action. Diagnose mechanical problems and determine how to correct them, checking blueprints, repair manuals, and parts catalogs as necessary.
  2. Be proficient in cutting and welding, hydraulics, filter systems, pipe fitting/plumbing, operations of shop equipment, sheet metal fabrication and pneumatics, electrical wiring and motors.
  3. Maintain the machinery in Receiving, Picking Room, Evisceration, Debone and Cryovac or Tray Pack areas of the plant, with minimal supervision.
  4. Perform routine preventative maintenance of machinery and equipment to ensure smooth business and production operations.
  5. Disassemble machinery and equipment to remove parts and make repairs.
  6. Work in all departments in the processing plant environment, which includes cold, damp conditions.
  7. Reassemble equipment after completion of inspections, testing, or repairs.
  8. Assemble, install, or repair wiring, electrical and electronic components, pipe systems and plumbing, machinery, and equipment.
  9. Install equipment, machines, wiring, or programs to meet specifications.
  10. Provide a means of notification/communication during non-working hours for emergencies. Respond to emergency call-ins within 30 minutes.
  11. Ensure shop and surrounding areas are kept clean by the removal of all debris in work areas, work benches and break rooms.
  12. Ensure a safe work environment by eliminating unsafe acts or conditions.
  13. Perform other comparable and related duties as assigned.
  14. Conduct fault analyses of hardwire relay logic, motor control circuits, motor power circuits, and common utility/lighting circuits.
  15. Repair or replace defective equipment parts, using appropriate tools and equipment.
  16. Overhaul machinery and equipment to include component replacements, alignments and calibration to specifications.
  17. Be familiar with instrumentation pneumatic, electronic and digital equipment.
  18. Install, test and maintain electrical equipment.
  19. Utilize drawings and blueprints to facilitate maintenance and repairs
  20. Preform installation of new control circuits modification of existing instrument/electrical systems as requested, to include design, load and implementation of new control logic.
  21. Shift defined as a weekend shift, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday if required.


  1. Post-secondary certification in related field plus seven years of experience, or any equivalent combination of education and experience.
  2. Use tools ranging from common hand and power tools to precision instruments and electrical and electronic testing devices. Provide all hand tools needed to safely perform the job.
  3. Good problem solving skills.
  4. Ability to organize the tasks to be performed.
  5. Ability to work with or near blood.
  6. Must be able to read, write, and comprehend English.
  1. Must be self motivated and be able to work with minimal supervision.


Ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs., climb ladders, bend, twist and work at heights.

Standing 70%

Walking 25%

Sitting 5%

Near acuity (clarity of vision at 20 inches or less)

Speaking-ordinary speech

Hearing-ordinary conversation


Exposure to fluorescent lights

Climate variation – Refrigerated Temperatures

Exposure to confined spaces


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