2nd Shift Manager – 1st Processing – Complex Overhead


Fredericksburg, PA


Complex Overhead


Responsible for providing direction to all production supervisors in 1st processing on 2nd shift. This includes ensuring a safe, well-organized, efficient operation with minimum downtime; strictly adhering to company standards and procedures and customer specifications and quality standards; complying with the department HACCP Plan and providing for HACCP recordkeeping; and assigning, training and monitoring staff in accordance with company policies and government regulations.


1. Directs 1st shift processing supervisors to meet production orders in conjunction with team members to:

A) Maintain quality standards of products.
B) Maintain department performance within standards for efficient utilization of human resources and materials.
C) Maintain and report production-related information regarding yields, efficiencies, and labor utilization to the Complex Manager.
D) Seek new opportunities for continuous improvement in materials and processes.

2. Ensure that all production processes and products adhere to GMP standards and customer specifications, and are in compliance with the company’s HACCP Plan.

3. Ensure equipment and work areas are appropriately maintained and operating continuously and efficiently by maintenance staff and outside vendors, in consultation with the Maintenance Manager and Complex Manager.

4. Establish and maintain appropriate working relationships with other management personnel, vendors and USDA representatives.

5. Keep abreast of current poultry processing technologies and systems.

6. Ensure compliance with USDA, OSHA, EEO, and other appropriate government regulations.

7. Perform other related responsibilities, as needed, to support FreeBird business objectives


  1. Mentor and motivate team members, providing training and development to optimize their performance and personal growth.
  2. Communicate performance standards to team members, recognizing and rewarding individual and team accomplishments and counseling performance problems.
  3. Communicate standards and ensure compliance with company procedures, GMP’s, and HAACP procedures.
  4. Train and enforce safety regulations and practices.
  5. Manage staffing, line coverage, and attendance. Approve hours and record time off in the eTime.
  6. Facilitate team meetings, including team member training. Ensure appropriate documentation is completed and maintained.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Poultry Science, Animal Science, Agriculture, Engineering, or related field, or equivalent in experience
  • 3 years proven supervisory experience in poultry plant management or other manufacturing
  • Ability to organize, plan, and complete work in a timely fashion
  • Willingness and ability to learn and perform all of the jobs in the department
  • Ability to recognize and respond to changes appropriately
  • Demonstrated positive attitude and uncompromising regard for quality
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to communicate and work effectively with a variety of people
  • Ability to motivate others to work towards an environment of continuous improvement
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with and guide other people effectively and to positively influence the attitude and performance of others
  • Strong reading, math, writing, and analytical skills
  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel


Sitting 10%

Walking 60%

Standing 30%

Lifting – up to 40 lbs.

Near acuity (clarity of vision at 20 inches or less)

Talking and hearing

Fingering-computer keyboard


Plant environment – temperature variations and exposure to noise above 85 dbl (hearing protection required)


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