Our Story

They say the best things in life are free. FreeBird® is devoted to raising high-quality poultry that tastes great and is good for the Earth. We understand the value of transparency and ethical practices, and keep them at the core of our business. We treat our poultry humanely in accordance with our highest standards. Our flocks are only fed a high-quality, fortified diet of vegetarian grains and nutrients, because we know that better feed means better flavor.

Our chickens have plenty of room to roam in comfortable barns where food and water are readily available. They never know hunger and have access to feed on their own schedules. They live a good life in a stress-free environment and stay healthy without ever being given antibiotics. From our family farms to your table, we love raising delicious and wholesome poultry.

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 We’re proud to say our chicken is…

We never ever give antibiotics to our poultry. Instead, we raise them well so they stay healthy.

We only feed our poultry a high-quality, fortified diet of vegetarian grains consisting of corn and soybean meal.

Our poultry is never ever given growth hormones or steroids** of any kind — ever. That's why we're free.

We treat all animals humanely in accordance with our highest principles. Our poultry are raised in stress-free environments where their well-being comes first.